BlueStacks: Run Google Android and Windows Together in Parallel

Good news for people who were eagerly waiting for a public release of BlueStacks software. If you remember we were the first to post about BlueStacks. At that time, BlueStacks was under alpha testing and you needed an invitation to test it but now it has been released to public.

BlueStacks runs Android OS and apps on Windows PCs with instant switch between Android and Windows – no reboot is required. You can now enjoy your favorite Android apps on Windows PCs. Android apps can appear either as icons on the Windows desktop, or within a full-blown Android environment.

Features List:

  • Dual OS: Run Windows and Android in parallel.
  • Instant Switch: Switch between Windows and Android within 1 sec. No reboot required.
  • Simultaneous Apps: Launch Windows and Android applications at the same time.
  • Shared Data: Share data, pictures and videos between Windows and Android.
  • Auto Updates: Upgrade Android to the latest version with automatic over-the-air updates.
  • Docked Profile: Run Android on the docked PC and Windows on the external display, or vice versa
  • Peripherals: Enjoy a wide range of 3rd party peripherals like USB cameras, printers, scanners
  • App Markets: Download apps from the Amazon App Store and others app markets.

You can download free alpha version using following link:

Download BlueStacks Alpha Version


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