Review: Flick Soccer


Flick Soccer launched last month by the developers Full Fat Games, where players must try to score goals from free kicks in that most international of sports: soccer! The mechanic works identically to Flick Golf, where an upward flick launches the ball, then rapid swipes in any direction can spin the ball in midair. This is very necessary in Flick Soccer, as the player will need to get the ball around defenders and goalies who will dive for balls.

There are 5 modes in the game:

Quick Shot, where you have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible, but can gain extra time and additional points by hitting the moving target/s;

Endurance mode, where there is no time limit but you have to hit the target, with only a limited number of balls;

Challenge, where you must score as many points as possible in 5 shots;

Crossbar, where you try to hit the crossbar instead of making it into the goal;

Smash Hit, where you break panes of glass in the goal as quickly as possible.


Flick Soccer is fast and furious at the same time. The game is easy to get addicted to; time just seems to melt away while playing. It’s a fantastic balance that only the best games can pull off. There’s a Game Center leader-boards for each mode, as well. With retina display the visuals are great and makes fun to play.


Would love to see more Challenging modes to conquer in Flick Soccer in the months to come, not that i have completed the current ones, which require a lot of skill and patience but yet still it would be fun to see more addictive roles in future updates to keep the ball rolling.



Price: $0.99

Techknots Rating: 3.5/5

Download Link


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