Now, one can touch the virtual world!…..

Germans have discovered a new technology to make the virtual world real and this may enable people to meet the desired person online. Through this method virtual copies can be turned to real objects and these copies can be touched and even sent via the web.

By the sense of touch the user can get deep into virtual reality. This is an attempt to make sci-fi possible in real world. The scientists wanted to transmit a virtual object to a remote person who could not only see but feel and remove it.

Their first step was to successfully transmit a virtual object to a remote person, who could not only see the object, but also feel it and move it. The degree of immersion is higher in virtual reality when more senses are stimulated. As of now, it has not been possible to touch a virtual object. The researchers developed a method for combining visual and haptic impressions with one another.

A user senses the object using a haptic device when a 3D scanner records an image of the object. The internet has the provision to send a VR copy to the desired user. Data goggles with a monitor onto which the virtual object is projected, and a sensor rod which is equipped with small motors are required for a person to be able to see and feel the VR. When the VR object and the sensor rod meet, signals are sent to motors in the rod. By the usage of brakes, resistance is stimulated and the user has the sensation of touching the virtual reality frog whereas from outside it appears that he or she is touching the air.

Whereas earlier attempts simulated the virtual object largely on the basis of assumptions, the method developed by the ETH researchers is based more heavily on measured data. So very aptly people are looking forward to accept this as the technology of future.


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