Download rapidshare megaupload etc like premium account…..

Trick to download rapidshare megaupload etc like premium account All movie and game is uploaded on web hosting like rapidshare megaupload etc. it make you try to find premium acc in google and you never got it until today. lucky me coz find this trick! you will feel like you own the premium acc for free for your whole life! what u need is: 1. software “Jdownloader” 2. internet connection which is “dynamic ip” After u got all the stuff. u need follow this simple step: step 1 – setting the Jdownloader 1. open the jdownloader software 2. go to tab setting > liveHeader/Curl 3. click “select router” and choose your router model properly (if your router not listed see special step ) 4. click ok! 5.dont forget to enable two button at the middle on top “monitoring the clipboard for new link” and “recconnect” step 2 – testing 1. once you done the setting, try click “Change ip” 2. if reconnected successfully! (there got smiling icon and you can see “your current IP and IP before reconnection properly”) YOU ARE READY TO ROCK!!!! step 3 – enjoy downloading!! 1. google you movie like “robin hood 2010 dvdrip rapidshare” 2. after you find repidshare link like “” 3. copy all the link parts 4. YeH CheZZzzzz!! Jdownloader will automatically catch up that link and check the availability 5. if all link are “play” button to start download! 6. go take a drink and wait your movie downloaded! special step – setting 1. if your router not listed, for example stremyx default router . 2. go to tab setting > liveHeader/Curl 3. click “fetch router ip” 4. in new window will popup (make sure there are wrote like in ‘router IP’ box)….the click “start” 5. then new browser will popup and it open your login page for your router. 6. login your router (for default stremyx user (Riger DB108-WL) username and password is “tmuser” 7. then click button like “save/reboot” 8. in the background .JDownloader will RUN the process and SAVING Reconnection Script. 9.DONE!! try step 2 for testing ** file hosting like rapidshare track their downloader by checking our IP address. Once that particular Ip already reach limit.rapidshare will block us from downloading from their server. This software will change our IP automatically after we reach the limit.this is how its work! Good luck all..!!


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